Nutritional Therapy in Woodinville & Redmond

For many, the act of cooking and eating has become a chore. What should we eat? How do we choose ingredients that are healthy, taste good and don’t cost a fortune? How do we distinguish between fad diets and science-based nutrition? As a Nutritional Therapist in Woodinville, WA, I can help you identify which types of whole foods can restore balance to your body and enhance its innate ability to heal. We each have unique dietary needs and my approach will be tailored to your bio-individuality, helping you reconnect with the pleasure of eating and preparing meals that will forever change how you feel.

Never had been to a health provider so knowledgeable about nutrition. More than just helping me solve a particular health problem, Patricia has taught me to remain healthy by knowing more about what I eat. Very respectful of my vegan diet at all times.

Lily H