Why Fermentina?

Welcome! I am Patricia, certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and 21- Day Sugar Detox Coach. Originally from Puerto Rico, I grew up in a home where everything was made from scratch. Little did I imagine at the time what a privilege and life-long lesson that was. In my mother’s kitchen I would observe the flavorful dishes prepared with love and attention to detail that would forever mark my own path into preparing meals for myself and my family. As my journey in life took me to move to Denmark, Sweden, England and finally the U.S., cooking has always been the gateway into those societies. My travels to Mexico and Europe have complimented my knowledge of the wonderful traditions passed on from generation to generation. My own food philosophy is steeped in the traditions compiled by Dr. Weston A. Price and his admiration for the benefits of foods based on our ancestral traditions: foods that were fermented, sprouted, soaked, organic, local, seasonal, alive. Let me help you re-connect to this way of preparing foods and eating and you will marvel at the change.